Walk & Talk Consultation

This is a verbal consultation for occupied homes 1 to 1 and 1/2 hour visit. We discuss what will give you the most return on your investment and give you priorities for a quick action plan. This gives you the opportunity to take notes and ask questions.

1-1 ½ hour – $175 + HST

DIY Consultation

We view your home in the buyers’ eyes prioritizing best way to help your home sell faster and for more money. A detailed report featuring: 3 top priorities, property checklist, paint colours, curb appeal suggestions and helpful hits on showcasing your property. Perfect for the client who would like to tackle the job but has no idea on how to get started.

Up to 2 hours visit with written report $225 + HST

Marketing Makeover Consultation

Bring your property up to the current market value either with a few minor repair/updates or a complete makeover. A written detailed report for DIY or if you are interested in our complete residential project management service. On the average we take a 1 ½-2 hours in your home and several more hours to research and present our recommendations in written report. This report may include:

  • Recommended products, sources, and suppliers
  • Interior and exterior colour suggestions
  • Room floor plans or sketches to show changes
  • Curb appeal

Custom report $499 + HST

Interior & Exterior Color Consultation

What colour looks best and where?
Let us show you the options. We charge $85/hour (min 1 hour) discount available from our preferred partners.

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Curb Appeal Consultation

Elevate your properties curb appeal with a more in-depth consultation. This is a great consultation for seller wanted to update, or tidy up or a homeowner wanting to enjoy your property. Curb appeal is vital part of the property sale equation. By elevating your curb appeal you are increasing the value.

Recommendations on:

  •  Supplies and resources
  •  Garden makeover removal or updating for existing bushes and perennials
  •  Exterior colour suggestions
  •  Preferred partners and professional service providers
  •  Patio ideas and trends
  •  Helpful garden tips and advice

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